Where the Horses have their Home and Privacy




There are a lot of carriage stables to house the famous fiacre horses of Vienna. The stables are all privately owned by carriage families, most of them in the wooden area of Prater, a very big park close to the city center.

Each stable has its own character, but they all share certain general characteristics, most of which are required by the Vienna Administrative Code and the Rules of the City of Vienna. For example the stables must have excellent ventilation and a lot of windows to provide natural light. As well the horses must have access to paddocks.

The stables, located in the Krieau and Freudenau , these zones are parts of the Prater, were all orginally built as horse stables in the late 19th century. Our stables were new built in an old fabric for fireclay (grog). There is place for about 30 horses and every horse has his own box with about 100 square feet. There are no standing straight stalls, they are forbidden in EU. Every stall is configured in such a way that the horses can all turn around and lie down safely and comfortably. Each stall is properly bedded either with wood shavings or straw bedding so that the horses have a comfortable bed to lie on.We also own a riding square and a lot of paddocks.

All stabels are regulated and inspected by the Department of animals health at least one time per year or more frequently if they are investigating a call.


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